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Northwestern University Press

Каталог Northwestern University Press включает следующие серии, которые вы можете купить в нашем интернет-магазине: European Classics, European Drama Classics, Northwestern World Classics.

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My Sister Life and the Zhivago Poems
My Sister Life and the Zhivago Poems, 30 апреля 2012 г.
Pasternak Boris
Boris Pasternak is best known in the West for his epic novel Doctor Zhivago, whereas in Russia he is most celebrated as a poet. The two poetry collections offered here in translation are chronological and thematic bookends, and they capture Pasternak's abiding and powerful vision of life... дальше
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Divine and Human and Other Stories
Divine and Human and Other Stories, 1 июня 2000 г.
Tolstoy Leo
Leo Tolstoy undertook the writing of the stories in Divine and Human and Other Stories around the time of the 1905 revolution in Russia. While doing so, he drew on the tragic past of Russia and its empire to comment on the issues and ideas of the day. Tolstoy had long before taken on the... дальше
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Fertility and Other Stories
Fertility and Other Stories, 13 мая 1998 г.
Ivanov Vsevolod
Vsevolod Ivanov was praised in the 1920s as one of the most original and promising young writers to emerge from the Russian Revolution. Ivanov's personal experiences in Siberia and Central Asia during the Revolution and Civil War, set against a childhood and youth spent wandering through... дальше
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Russian Nights
Russian Nights, 30 сентября 1997 г.
Vladimir Odoevsky Matlaw
Russian Nights, Vladimir Fedorovich Odoevsky's major work, is of great importance in Russian intellectual history. This captivating novel is the summation of Odoevsky's views and interests in many fields: Gothic literature, romanticism, mysticism, the occult, social responsibility... дальше
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Time, Forward!
Time, Forward!, 31 декабря 1995 г.
Valentin Kataev Malamuth
Valentine Kataev's Time, Forward! is a classic of Soviet Realism. Written in 1932, the novel captures the enthusiasm and the optimism of the First Five-Year Plan in its portrayal of the construction of Magnitogorsk, and enormous metallurgical plant considered one of the finest industrial... дальше
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Place and Selected Writings
Place and Selected Writings, 31 марта 1995 г.
Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol
These translations of Gogol's plays restore the vitality of Gogol's language and humour, finally allowing his dramatic art to speak directly to Western readers, directors, actors and theatre-goers. This volume contains The Government Inspector and Marriage - Gogol's greatest full-length... дальше
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