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Art is Everywhere
Art is Everywhere, 26 апреля 2016 г.
Lorenzo Servi alias SerraGlia
This book combines science and hands-on practices. It aims to stimulate readers to observe the world as they have never seen it before by suggesting how ordinary things can be seen differently and how art, if made more accessible to everyone, can help us see things differently.... дальше
1 170 руб.
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Storytelling on Steroids. 10 Stories That Hijacked the Pop Culture Conversation In this captivating book, John Weich pinpoints the iconic moments that helped transform storytelling from a fringe communication movement into a pop culture phenomenon. Storytelling is the buzzword in global communications: it revolutionizes how leaders in business, marketing, and... дальше
1 918 руб.
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Think Like a Lawyer Don't Act Like One. The Essential Rules for the Smart Negotiator Think Like a Lawyer Don't Act Like One provides strategies to solve conflicts. Based on principles, research, and real life examples ranging from Harvard University, Mikhail Gorbachev, Sun Tze, to John Rambo,
Think Like a Lawyer Don't Act Like One can be used when dealing with
... дальше
1 355 руб.
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Don't Eat the Yellow Snow
Don't Eat the Yellow Snow, 4 декабря 2012 г.
Kraft Marcus
When times are particularly difficult, and you are likely to slip into despair, some of the greatest pop songs can provide true comfort to make it through the pain. The problem with advice in general is that we often don't take it. The great thing about advice songs is that you can kick... дальше
1 812 руб.
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