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Monacelli Press

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The Detailed Interior. Decorating Up Close with Cullman and Kravis
The Detailed Interior. Decorating Up Close with Cullman and Kravis, 22 октября 2013 г.
Cullman Elissa, Pruzan Tracey
From classic New York City pied-a-terres and townhouses to vast Connecticut estates, airy Floridian mansions to luxurious ski retreats, every room created by interior design firm Cullman & Kravis is effortlessly graceful and balanced, masquing the meticulous research and extraordinary... дальше
4 249 руб.
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Louis Comfort Tiffany. Treasures from the Driehaus Collection
Louis Comfort Tiffany. Treasures from the Driehaus Collection, 9 октября 2013 г.
David A. Hanks, Richard H. Driehaus
A seminal artist of the Gilded Age, Louis Comfort Tiffany is the best known and most widely collected figure in late nineteenth - and early twentieth-century American decorative arts. The splendid objects from the Driehaus Collection, installed as the inaugural exhibition of the Richard... дальше
2 861 руб.
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Designers Abroad
Designers Abroad, 2013 г.
Designers Abroad, Michele Keith's follow-up to her highly successful book Designers Here and There, features twenty-two vacation homes of today's top interior designers, exquisitely captured in over 200 lush color photographs.
For some, vacation homes offer an opportunity to escape
... дальше
3 529 руб.
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Stripes: Design Between the Lines
Stripes: Design Between the Lines, 23 октября 2012 г.
O'Keeffe Linda
In Stripes: Design Between the Lines, writer and design expert Linda O’Keeffe explores the lineage of lines as they shape culture, art, and style. The illustrations create a rollicking visual ride while the accompanying text—by turns witty and weighty—shows how these potent... дальше
3 450 руб.
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The New French Interior
The New French Interior, 27 сентября 2011 г.
Penny Drue Baird
Penny Baird's intelligence and heightened sensibility are asintegral as her eye to the genius of her work. With characteristic French insistence on beauty even in the everyday Penny shows you how enhancing the look of your home can influence the overall experience of living in it. - Trish... дальше
3 274 руб.
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Made to Order
Made to Order, 19 октября 2010 г.
Campion Platt
Clean and simple design coupled with an embrace of color, beautifully crafted millwork, and environmentally friendly materials are hallmarks of the work of Campion Platt.
Every project is firmly rooted in the belief that handcrafting a home of one's own should be a pleasure, and that
... дальше
3 450 руб.
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