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Fun with Learning. Counting (3-5 Years)
Fun with Learning. Counting (3-5 Years), 1 августа 2013 г.
Berlitz Fun with Learning Counting is perfect for children aged 3 to 5 years who are learning to count. This workbook features a range of enjoyable activities, games, and puzzles designed to help children think independently and develop their numeracy and counting skills. The book is... дальше
316 руб.
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Beijing Berlitz. Pocket Guide
"The Berlitz Beijing Pocket Guide" covers all the major sights of China's historic capital, area by area. Descriptions of Beijing's attractions for visitors include the Forbidden City, Beihai Park, and Tiananmen Square and excursions to the Great Wall and Ming Tombs. The guide... дальше
248 руб.
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Costa Dorada Berlitz Pocket Guide
Covering almost all the major sights, area by area, this guide contains descriptions of the main places to visit, such as the cultural attractions of Barcelona, Roman and medieval buildings of Tarragona and the best coastal resorts. It also contains historical information, advice on... дальше
248 руб.
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