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Blue Seas, Red Stars
Blue Seas, Red Stars, 11 декабря 2015 г.
David A. Schwind
At the end of the Second World War, the Soviet Union decorated 217 men of the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine who had performed heroic acts during convoy and anti-submarine duties in the Atlantic. For the last decade, David Schwind has made it his mission to identify and track... дальше
7 154 руб.
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The Power of Noticing: What the Best Leaders See
From Harvard Business School Professor and Co-Director of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Center for Public Leadership: A guide to making better decisions, noticing important information in the world around you, and improving leadership skills.
Imagine your advantage in negotiations
... дальше
1 683 руб.
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Wheelmen. Lance Armstrong, the Tour de France, and the Greatest Sports Conspiracy Ever
Wheelmen. Lance Armstrong, the Tour de France, and the Greatest Sports Conspiracy Ever, 15 октября 2013 г.
Albergotti Reed, O'Connell Vanessa
The first in-depth look at Lance Armstrong's doping scandal, the phenomenal business success built on the back of fraud, and the greatest conspiracy in the history of sports Lance Armstrong won a record-smashing seven Tours de France after staring down cancer, and in the process became an... дальше
1 239 руб.
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Collards & Carbonara. Southern Cooking, Italian Roots
Collards & Carbonara. Southern Cooking, Italian Roots, 3 сентября 2013 г.
Hudman Michael, Ticer Andy, Ticer Andrew
This is not a straightforward cookbook. This is a manifesto. When you finish this book, you will know not only how to cook some of the dishes that have brought us some marginal amount of success. You'll also know why we cook the way we do. Are we trying to convince of you something? Hell... дальше
3 391 руб.
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The Girl's Book of Adventure: The Little Guidebook for Smart and Resourceful Girls
The Girl's Book of Adventure: The Little Guidebook for Smart and Resourceful Girls, 1 июля 2013 г.
Lecreux Michele, Gallais Celia
Girls who take pleasure in crafts activities, and who enjoy the outdoors and nature will love this activity book. It's packed with color illustrations, things to make and do, and ideas for outdoor activities. Instructions, tips, and information on some of the book's many topics include... дальше
1 497 руб.
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Recipes From My Home Kitchen
Recipes From My Home Kitchen, 14 мая 2013 г.
Ha Christine
In her kitchen, Christine Ha possesses a rare ingredient that most professionally-trained chefs never learn to use: the ability to cook by sense. After tragically losing her sight in her twenties, this remarkable home cook, who specializes in the mouthwatering, wildly popular Vietnamese... дальше
1 013 руб.
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Lisa Sarfati - She
Lisa Sarfati - She, 2013 г.
2 967 руб.
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Making Friends Is an Art!: A Children's Book on Making Friends
Meet Brown the least used pencil in the box. He s tall, geeky and lonely. Brown envies Red, Purple, Blue and all the other pencils who have fun coloring and playing together. Dark Green is trustworthy, Pink listens well, Orange has fun, and everybody likes Red! Brown doesn t smile very... дальше
1 131 руб.
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An Introduction to R. Second Edition
An Introduction to R. Second Edition, 1 мая 2009 г.
Venables William N., Smith David M.
This tutorial manual provides a comprehensive introduction to R, a software package for statistical computing and graphics. R supports a wide range of statistical techniques and is easily extensible via user-defined functions. One of R's strengths is the ease with which... дальше
2 055 руб.
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Magnetic and Nonmagnetic
Magnetic and Nonmagnetic, 29 июля 2008 г.
Royston Angela
This series introduces simple science topics using everyday situations and objects that readers can recognize in the world around them. Activities and questions are presented to encourage active thinking about concepts. Captions and labels support the presentation of key ideas.... дальше
795 руб.
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Manners on the Playground
Why do you have to take turns on the swings? Find out how good manners make the playground safe and fun for everyone.
848 руб.
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State control and supervision of charities and corrections
What should be the position of the state with reference to the many and complex problems of charity and correction? Where is the limit to state authority and the limit to state control and supervision? Where is the dividing line between public and pri vate charities? These and similar... дальше
1 806 руб.
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Elements of Style
The Elements of Style is a classic work which is intended for use in English courses in which the practice of composition is combined with the study of literature. It aims to give in brief space the principal requirements of plain English style. It aims to lighten the task of instructor... дальше
1 621 руб.
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New Japan Architecture: Recent Works by the World's Leading Architects
Featuring dozens of high-quality photographs, schematic designs and insightful commentary this Japanese architecture book is a must-have for architects or collectors.
The past five years are widely consider to have been the most innovative period in contemporary Japanese design... дальше
2 225 руб.
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