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Sage Publications

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Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences
Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences, 2016 г.
Privitera Gregory J.
The Second Edition of the award-winning Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences employs a problem-focused approach that fully integrates the decision tree—from choosing a research design to conducting statistical analysis and communicating results. With a conversational... дальше
11 411 руб.
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Valuing Health Systems: A Framework for Low and Middle Income Countries
The underlying themes of this book are twofold: it emphasises the importance of understanding and strengthening health systems to improve a population’s health in low and middle income countries; it promotes the values of equity and the right to health, efficiency, participative and... дальше
4 848 руб.
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Criminological and Forensic Psychology
Criminological and Forensic Psychology, 20 декабря 2013 г.
Gavin Helen
Criminological and Forensic Psychology is a clear, critical and in-depth introduction to this broad and fascinating field. Written in a student-friendly and engaging style, this textbook covers all the required academic areas of study in addition to explaining how to conduct applications... дальше
4 430 руб.
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The New Ethics of Journalism: Principles for the 21st Century
The New Ethics of Journalism: Principles for the 21st Century, 2013 г.
B. McBride Kelly, Tom Rosenstiel
The New Ethics of Journalism: A Guide for the 21st Century by Kelly McBride and Tom Rosenstiel provides an authoritative and practical book on Poynter's "green light" process in ethical decision making for journalists and journalism students. The work will include chapters on... дальше
3 289 руб.
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Sexual Sites, Seminal Attitudes
Sexual Sites, Seminal Attitudes, 10 февраля 2004 г.
Srivastava Sanjay
Sexual Sites. Seminal Attitudes situates current research into the sexual cultures of South Asia within a cross-cultural perspective. The importance of cross-cultural work on sexuality lies in the subsequent ability to contest the idea that sexuality is a thing in itself, rather than a... дальше
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Studying and Researching with Social Media
Wondering what your lecturers are looking for in a blog post? Asking yourself how that’s different from writing an essay (or a wiki page)? Unsure if Twitter really can be used to build your online profile as a researcher? If you want – or need – to integrate social media tools into your... дальше
2 530 руб.
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The Global Environment; Institutions, Law, and Policy
Study guide to accompany The Global Environment; Institutions, Law, and Policy, textbook by Stacy D. Null Vandeveer (Editor). Never Highlight a Book Again! Just the FACTS101 provides the textbook outlines, highlights, and practice quizzes.... дальше
4 809 руб.
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