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Walther Konig

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Chagall: The Breakthrough Years 1911-1919
This catalog explores the early work of Marc Chagall (1887–1985), forged as the artist was pulled between two different worlds. The book begins with Chagall’s breakthrough years in Paris, 1911 to 1914, and the paintings in which he combined his memories of Russian folk art and provincial... дальше
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The Printed Image: The Flowering of Japan’s Woodblock Printing Culture
The Japanese colored woodblock print is among the most familiar and popular East Asian art forms in the West, thanks to the 19th-century fashion for all things Japanese?a fashion which brought about a huge transformation in Western art.
Within Japan, the impact was just as
... дальше
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Philippe Parreno/Hans Ulrich Obrist
Philippe Parreno/Hans Ulrich Obrist, 1 мая 2009 г.
The French filmmaker and artist Philippe Parreno born in Algeria, has been working and collaborating with curator/thinker/editor Hans Ulrich Obrist for many years; over many projects they have taken huge risks and broken countless conventions together. The conversations gathered here give... дальше
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Hans Ulrich Obrist & John Chamberlain
Hans Ulrich Obrist & John Chamberlain, 15 декабря 2007 г.
John Chamberlain is famous for his sculptures of crushed cars, which made him a pioneer of Pop Art in the 1960s. Casually, this conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist traces the life and art of a charismatic loner, leading him from Abstract Expressionism to Nouveau Realism and on to Pop... дальше
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