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Art Book Cologne

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Ilya und Emilia Kabakov - Die Utopische Stadt
Since he emigrated to the West in 1989, Ilya Kabakov (now seventy years of age) and his wife Emilia have become two of the most important »masters« of the visual arts today.
The work of the Kabakovs goes beyond any historical categorisation, although the viewer does receive
... дальше
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No Small Journeys
No Small Journeys, 2003 г.
Adams Robert
No Small Journeys relates to a series of photographs of Denver and its suburbs near the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant, a version of which was published by Aperture under the title Our Lives and our Children in 1983. In recent years, Adams felt it was important to expand the project to... дальше
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Kabakov - Universalsystem zur Darstellung von allem
In this album Ilya Kabakov takes up the position of a fictitious artist who has become conscious of the shortcomings of people–s everyday ability to see and recognize normalcy. Artists, especially those of the Russian avant-garde, have always, by means of art, attempted to appropriate... дальше
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