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Mexico: Macabre!: Prints for the Day of the Dead
Mexico: Macabre!: Prints for the Day of the Dead, 2012 г.
Manilla M., Posada J.G.
Following on from the success of Calaveras (now out of print), here is another startling collection of extraordinary images to be published in time for the Day of the Dead on November 2nd. Posada and Manilla produced hundreds of prints for the Day of the Dead. These great printmakers, so... дальше
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Why We Got the Sack from the Museum
Why We Got the Sack from the Museum, 19 октября 1998 г.
Shrigley David
I never really wanted to be this kind of artist, but now that I am, I quite like it, Shrigley says, maybe its because I can now make a living from it, but I really enjoy doing my drawings as much as watching telly. Well, more than Taggart anyway, but probably less than Frazier.... дальше
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Alphabet (Postcard Book)
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