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Каталог Intellect включает следующие серии, которые вы можете купить в нашем интернет-магазине: Fan Phenomena, World Film Locations.

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Theatrical Reality. Space, Embodiment and Empathy in Performance
Theatrical Reality. Space, Embodiment and Empathy in Performance, 15 октября 2016 г.
Edinborough Campbell
Performance, dramaturgy, and scenography are often explored in isolation, but in Theatrical Reality, Campbell Edinborough describes their connectedness in order to investigate how the experience of reality is constructed and understood during performance. Drawing on sociological theory... дальше
7 873 руб.
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Digital Futures and the City of Today
Digital Futures and the City of Today, 2016 г.
Amayo-Caldwell G.
In the contemporary city, the physical infrastructure and sensorial experiences of two millennia are now interwoven within an invisible digital matrix. This matrix alters human perceptions of the city, informs our behavior, and increasingly influences the urban designs we ultimately... дальше
3 412 руб.
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Jane Austen
Jane Austen, 15 мая 2015 г.
Malcolm Gabrielle
This Fan Phenomena volume will emphasize fan culture surrounding the novels and the adaptations of Jane Austen. The afterlife of the books themselves has witnessed an explosion of interest in Austen's universe and the Jane Austen Centre in Bath offers an important resource for gauging... дальше
2 257 руб.
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Fan Phenomena: James Bond
Fan Phenomena: James Bond, 2015 г.
Hines C.
The mere hint recently that British actor Idris Elba might take up the mantle of James Bond in future installments of the film franchise was a major international news story-a testament to the enduring interest and appeal of Bond, a figure who has become a true global icon. Fan Phenomena... дальше
2 257 руб.
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Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes, 15 июля 2014 г.
Ue Tom, Cranfield Jonathan
Few could have predicted the enduring fascination with the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes. The new title in the series, Fan Phenomena: Sherlock Holmes, offers a variety of different approaches to understanding the deep cultural legacy of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories... дальше
2 257 руб.
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Fan Phenomena: Twin Peaks
Fan Phenomena: Twin Peaks, 2014 г.
Hayes M.C.
David Lynch and Mark Frost's television series Twin Peaks debuted in April 1990 and by June of 1991 had been cancelled. Yet the impact of this surreal, unsettling show - ostensibly about the search for homecoming queen Laura Palmer's killer - is far larger than its short run might... дальше
2 257 руб.
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World Film Locations: Florence
World Film Locations: Florence, 2014 г.
Zambenedetti Alberto
Florence, with its rich history, privileged place in the canon of Western art, and long-standing relationship with the moving image, is a cinematic city equal to Venice or Rome. This edition in the well-established World Film Locations series explores Florence as it is manifested in the... дальше
2 035 руб.
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Chicago, 2013 г.
Scott Jordan Harris
This title is elegantly designed and packed with evocative film stills, location info and maps. It is affordable and collectable. It offers a range of a high-profile professional contributors, some of whom are Chicagoan critics. The book provides an accessible look at the historical scope... дальше
2 755 руб.
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Barcelona, 2013 г.
Helio San Miguel, Lorenzo J. Torres Hortelano
Barcelona is one of the world's most beautiful cities. A permanent showcase of the work of acclaimed architect Antoni Gaudi, it also has a long and rich cinematic legacy. Great directors from all over the world - among them Woody Allen, Pedro Almodovar, and Michelangelo Antonioni - have... дальше
2 183 руб.
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