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Echoes of Sherlock Holmes
Echoes of Sherlock Holmes, 2017 г.
King Laurie R.
To the editors' great delight, these stories go in many directions. Some explore the spirit of Holmes himself; others tell of detectives themselves inspired by Holmes's adventures or methods. A young boy becomes a detective; a young woman sharpens her investigative skills; an aging... дальше
2 119 руб.
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The Making of Markova: Diaghilev's Baby Ballerine to Groundbreaking Icon
Given unprecedented access to Dame Markova's intimate journals and correspondence, Tina Sutton paints a full picture of the dancer's astonishing life and times in 1920s Paris and Monte Carlo, 1930s London, and wartime in New York and Hollywood. Ballet lovers and readers everywhere will be... дальше
1 497 руб.
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Tolstoy's False Disciple. The Untold Story of Leo Tolstoy and Vladimir Chertkov
On the snowy morning of February 8, 1897, the Petersburg secret police were following Tolstoy's every move. At sixty-nine, Russia's most celebrated writer was being treated like a major criminal. Prominent Russians were always watched, but Tolstoy earned particular scrutiny. Over a decade... дальше
2 003 руб.
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The Secret History of Vladimir Nabokov
The Secret History of Vladimir Nabokov, 13 марта 2013 г.
Pitzer Andrea
A startling and revelatory examination of Nabokov s life and works notably Pale Fire and Lolita bringing new insight into one of the twentieth century s most enigmatic authors.
1 844 руб.
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