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A whale off the coast of Norway and other encounters by Alexander Voitsekhovsky
Alexander Voitskehovsky's paintings and drawings have long been a feature of St Petersburg's artistic landscape, loved for their idiosyncratic humor and other-worldy quality. Here they are gathered in a single publication for the first time, with accompanying exhibitions in UK and... дальше
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Why the Bear Has No Tail. And Other Russian Folk Tales
Why the Bear Has No Tail. And Other Russian Folk Tales, 30 апреля 2015 г.
Polenova Elena, Peacock Netta
In the 1880s, the artist, designer and illustrator Elena Polenova (1850-98) began illustrating fairy tales that she noted down during her travels around Russian villages. The first of these was The Tale of Masha and Vanya. The original editions of some of these illustrated fairy-tales are... дальше
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