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Zed Books

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Cosmic Shift: Russian Contemporary Art Writing
Russia looms large in our global consciousness, but most of its presence is felt politically instead of artistically. While Moscow is the largest city in Europe, its contemporary and modern art has been largely passed over. Editors Ilya and Emilia Kabakov have set out to change this with... дальше
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Lost Voices: Central Asian Women Confronting Transition
Lost Voices: Central Asian Women Confronting Transition, 25 февраля 2005 г.
Corcoran-Nantes Yvonne
Since Central Asia is generally considered to be the 'forgetten world' of the former Soviet Union, Central Asian women constitute the 'lost voices' within those regions. Corcoran-Nantes considers how the shift to Western capatalist ideals has affected gender relations in the region. While... дальше
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