The Spider Network: The Wild Story of a Maths Genius and One of the Greatest Scams in Financial

Enrich David

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In 2006, an oddball group of bankers, traders and brokers from some of the largest financial institutions made a startling realization: Libor the London interbank offered rate, which determines the interest rates on trillions in loans worldwide was set daily by a small group of easily manipulated administrators, and that they could reap huge profits by nudging it fractions of a percent to suit their trading portfolios. Tom Hayes, a brilliant but troubled mathematician, became the lynchpin of a wild alliance that included a prickly French trader nicknamed Gollum; the broker Abbo, who liked to publicly strip naked when drinking; a nervous Kazakh chicken farmer known as Derka Derka; a broker known as Village (short for Village Idiot) who racked up huge expense account bills; an executive called Clumpy because of his patchwork hair loss; and a broker uncreatively nicknamed Big Nose who had once been a semi-professional boxer. This group generated incredible riches until it all unraveled in spectacularly vicious, backstabbing fashion. With exclusive access to key characters and evidence, The Spider Network is not only a rollicking account of the scam, but also a provocative examination of a financial system that was crooked throughout.
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Cast of Characters Prologue
Part I. The Scam
Chapter 1: Watching the Coronation
Chapter 2: The Hall of Mirrors
Chapter 3: Classy People
Chapter 4: Peak Performance
Chapter 5: The Lucky Turnstile
Chapter 6: The Sycophants
Chapter 7: Your Name in Print
Chapter 8: A Yacht in Monaco
Part II. Ascendance
Chapter 9: What's a Cabal?
Chapter 10: Entre Nous
Chapter 11: Gods of the Sea
Chapter 12: In the Flag Room
Chapter 13: A Slap on the Wrist
Part III. The Second Scam
Chapter 14: He's the One
Chapter 15: Spiders
Chapter 16: A Crook of the First Order
Chapter 17: The Unit Cost of Steak
Chapter 18: Charades
Part IV. Victory
Chapter 19: Within the Ark
A Note on Sources
About the Author



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The Spider Network: The Wild Story of a Maths Genius and One of the Greatest Scams in Financial

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