They Don't Teach This at School. Essential knowledge to tackle everyday challenges

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A fully illustrated, practical guide full of essential skills and knowledge that school didn't prepare us for

'We all learned how to take tests at school, but then we went out into the world and found ourselves underprepared! And the worst thing anyone can feel is helpless. So I've filled this book with over 100 of the most vital life skills and tools that will not only save you money and give you confidence, but may even save a life.'
- Myleene x

This book will empower you, and your family, with essential knowledge to tackle everyday challenges.

Packed full of advice, They Don't Teach This At School is full of information and tips on:
- Escaping from a burning building
- Dealing with medical emergencies
- Getting a good night's sleep
- How to be a good listener
- Talking about racism
- How to write a CV and apply for a job
- Saying hello (and more) in different languages
- Coping with a plumbing crisis
- How to change a plug and a fuse
- Checking the pressure on car tyres
- Stopping your mouth burning when you've eaten something spicy
- What to do if you're lost
- How to feel confident about speaking in public


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