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George Bellows: An Artist in Action

George Bellows: An Artist in Action

Автор/составитель: Haverstock Mary Sayre
Издательство: Merrell Publishing

A prolific and progressive painter known for his dynamic representations of American life, George Wesley Bellows (1882- 1925) worked for a time as a semi-professional baseball player after leaving his native Columbus, Ohio, to study at the New York School of Art under Robert Henri. A leading member of the Ashcan school of artists (see opposite), Bellows was a master of realism, noted for his vivid brush strokes and his canvases full of motion. Widely celebrated for his technical brilliance, at the age of twenty-seven he became one of the youngest artists ever to be elected to the National Academy of Design. This beautifully produced book includes Bellows' signature paintings of urban life, a selection of portraits, his lesser-known landscapes and his brilliant portrayals of prizefighters and other athletes in action. The images are accompanied by a lively text that offers new insights into the life and times of this important artist. George Bellows: An Artist in Action is a major new book on one of the most noted American realists featuring stunning reproductions of over seventy key paintings and more than twenty lithographs.

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