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Cambridge International Dictionary of English

CD-ROM. Cambridge International Dictionary of English

Производитель: Cambridge University Press

This brand new CD-ROM contains everything the user will find in the Cambridge International Dictionary of English, as well as:

¼br />• new words which have recently come into the English language

¼br />• British and American spoken pronunciations for each entry word

¼br />• links from every word in the text to the entry where that word is defined

¼br />• sophisticated tools that allow users to search for words anywhere in the text

¼br />• the ability to search by topic group, giving the user a whole new way into the dictionary

¼br />• interactive exercises.

This CD-ROM and that of the Cambridge Dictionary of American English are fully compatible, and can be searched simultaneously if both are installed.

191 руб.
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планируемая дата доставки: 29.01.2020 (Ср.)
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