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William Merritt Chase: A Life in Art

William Merritt Chase: A Life in Art

Автор/составитель: O'Brien Maureen C.
Издательство: Giles

The Parrish Art Museum, on Long Island's East End, holds one of the largest public collections of William Merritt Chase in the United States: over forty paintings and works on paper, and a wealth of archival photographs and documents. This new volume features 30 of the artist's most important paintings and works on paper, including his early "Still Life with Fruit" (1871), works from the famous New York park scenes series, notably "Park in Brooklyn" (c. 1887); major studio paintings from the 1880s, such as "The Blue Kimono" (c. 1888); and of course, the paintings made during his summers in Long island's Shinnecock Hills, including "The Bayberry Bush" (c. 1895). It also includes many family photographs taken during summer spent in Shinnecock Hills, Long Island, where Chase founded, and taught at, the Summer School of Art. There are essays covering the key influences on Chase's art and his early career in Munich and his work in Paris and Madrid.

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