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GoGetter 4. Students Book with MyEnglishLab

GoGetter 4. Students Book with MyEnglishLab

Авторы/составители: Croxford Jayne, Fruen Graham
Издательство: Pearson Education

Be inspired with colourful artwork, BBC content, step-by-step practice activities and language reference boxes!
- Learn how to self-assess with Check yourself!, a key skill for future work;
- Get familiar with exam-style practice tasks for success in tests/exams;
- Remember and retain language through varied practice activities, Language reference boxes and wordlists;
- Improve accuracy with step-by-step practice activities;
- BBC Get Culture! lessons;
- Material for 70-120+ class hours.
Interactive online Workbook with instant feedback and embedded audio, plus Extra Online Practice:
- Receive motivating hints and tips to encourage and support learning;
- Remediation activities available for some activities, automatically identifying areas of need and reinforcing learning;
- Increased motivation of a digital learning environment;
- Access course video and interactive activities through Extra Online Practice.

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