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Welcome 3. Pupil's CD

Audio CD. Welcome 3. Pupil's CD

Авторы/составители: Gray Elizabeth, Evans Virginia
Производитель: Express Publishing
Серия: Welcome

This Audio CD contains audio dialogues to accompany Welcome 3 Pupil's Book.
Welcome is a three-level beginner's course for children learning English.
Welcome 3 finds Oscar in Edinburgh where he has moved with his family. There, he meets a new group of friends and becomes a reporter for the school magazine, The Welcome Weekly. Oscar and his new friend invite pupils to join in the fun and explore the English language through lively dialogues and exciting situations. All these thrilling adventures are captured in full colour and are accompanied by action-packed CDs.
Welcome 3 consists of six modules of three units each, with songs, language 'twisters', games and writing tasks. Each unit is divided into two lessons where all four skills are thoroughly practised.

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