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Wishes. Level B2.2. Class CDs

Audio CD. Wishes. Level B2.2. Class CDs

Количество CD дисков: 9
Авторы/составители: Dooley Jenny, Evans Virginia
Производитель: Express Publishing
Серия: Wishes

Audio CDs to accompany Wishes B2.2 Student's Book and Workbook.
Wishes Level B2.1 and Wishes Level B2.2 effectively combine language development and extensive training for all language skills. Wishes Level B2.1 and B2.2 are designed to meet the requirements of the Cambridge English: First (FCE) examinations as well as other exams at this level.
Key Features:
Authentic texts, combining stimulating content and cross-cultural topics, followed by a variety of tasks designed to improve the learner's reading skills. Lexical exercises practising and activating all essential vocabulary, as well as collocations, idioms, prepositions and phrasal verbs. A variety of stimulating listening texts - all the recordings are based on authentic listening material. Speaking sections which aim to develop speaking skills. Progress Check sections at the end of each module. Grammar sections covering all major grammatical areas, plus a Grammar Reference section with exercises. Detailed composition analysis and models for all types of writing tasks, designed to develop the learner's writing skills. Further practice sections on key word transformations, word formation, multiple-choice and cloze-texts. Culture Clips, CLIL and Green Issues sections.

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