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Oxford Read and Imagine 6: Invisible! with Audio Download (access card inside)

Oxford Read and Imagine 6: Invisible! with Audio Download (access card inside)

Автор/составитель: Shipton Paul
Издательство: Oxford University Press
Серия: Oxford Read and Imagine

'Containing the book and an access card with audio download. 'I'm the greatest criminal in this city. I've never been caught by the police, and I never will be caught, said Cooger. But what was this clever DS and dangerous DS man planning? And could Ben and Rosie stop him from stealing Grandpa's inventions DS and a lot more, too? Oxford Read and Imagine is a fiction 9-level series written for primary and pre-primary students that grows up with the young learners for students from age 4 and older. Young learners follow Rosie, Ben and Grandpa on their adventures and grow up with the characters as they read and learn. Activities provide Cambridge Young Learner Exams preparation. At Levels 1 to 6, every storybook reader links to an Oxford Read and Discover non-fiction reader: a powerful partnership with the non-fiction series Oxford Read and Discover means students can explore the same topic through fact and fiction. Audio in a choice of American and British English is available for every reader. At Levels Starter and Beginner, this audio is free to download from below for Oxford Teachers' Club members.

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