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Law of Debtors and Creditors

Law of Debtors and Creditors

Издательство: Aspen Publishers

Integrating the 1994 amendments To The Bankruptcy Act, this edition of Elizabeth Warren and Jay Westbrook's lively problem-based casebook is an outstanding choice for teaching debtor/creditor and bankruptcy law. The Third Edition of LAW OF DEBTORS AND CREDITORS: Text, Cases, and Problems builds on the extraordinary success of its previous edition, with: new problems and materials to reflect the 1994 statutory changes, including: The 1994 consumer bankruptcy amendments; the overruling of DePrizio; and changes throughout in dollar values more than 20 new cases, including Heintz v. Jenkins new newspaper articles on deadbeat dads, flawed bankruptcies, and more the latest empirical studies and scholarly literature. Excellent pedagogy: more than 50 realistic problem sets - including problems reflecting the 1994 statutory changes - that challenge students to learn and apply legal rules in the context of consumer and business issues a 'megaproblem' that runs throughout the book that shows the interrelationship of state law, consumer law, And The business bankruptcy system thorough and lucid explanatory text that gets students into the material faster and deeper a superb Teacher's Manual that highlights the statutory changes made since the last edition.

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