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Business Partner B1. Coursebook with Digital Resources

Business Partner B1. Coursebook with Digital Resources

Авторы/составители: O'Keefe Margaret, Lansford Lewis, Wright Ros, Frendo Evan, Wright Lizzie
Издательство: Pearson Education
Серия: Business Partner

Business Partner gives students the practical training they need to bridge the gap between the classroom and the world of work. It helps learners to make measurable progress in learning English while helping to make them more employable.
Business Partner does not assume any knowledge of the workplace, and is designed for students with no work experience. It also provides many suggestions and alternative ways to use the material for those students already in work.
Each level is written to a syllabus based on the Global Scale of English Learning Objectives for Professional English to help learners evaluate their progress.
Business Partner Coursebook:
- Eight units with five lessons each.
- Eight case study business workshop lessons relating to each of the eight units.
- A review each unit revises key language and grammar.
- Pronunciation practice for each unit.
- Detailed grammar reference.
- Video and audio scripts.
- A glossary of key business vocabulary.
- Coursebook video and audio material is available online in the Digital Resources.
Business Partner Digital Resources:
- Coursebook video clips and scripts.
- Coursebook audio recordings and scripts.
- Workbook audio recordings and scripts.
- Extra Coursebook activities (pdfs).
- Interactive video activities and interactive grammar presentation and practice.
- Reading bank.
- Writing bank.
- Functional language bank.
- My Self-Assessment for students to record their progress.

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