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Happy Street. Level 2: Activity Book

Happy Street. Level 2: Activity Book

Авторы/составители: Roberts Lorena, Maidment Stella
Издательство: Oxford University Press
Серия: Happy Street

One of the worlds most successful primary courses, the Happy Series is a six-level course thats perfectly in step with your students development.
Happy uses different kinds of learning strategies to match children’s changing development and learning styles.
In Happy Street children explore the wider world of the familiar Happy House characters and also meet their new neighbour, Greg, and his dog, Flossy.
The Activity Book contains:
- A wide range of both aural and written practice activities to consolidate the vocabulary and structures taught in the Class Book.
- Cross-curricular links pages to exploit the language and skills taught in this new strand of the course.
- Reading into Writing pages that allow children to personalize the language they are learning.
- Quizzy's Questions which encourage children to become aware of their own learning, and that constitute a record of their learning.

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